Ms. Rachel

Who Is Rachel?

Born and raised in New York City, Rachel now travels the world living off of the settlement from a short and ill-advised marriage to a foreign dignitary named Jean-Claude. She was in love, really. She didn’t even know he was rich until after they eloped in the 6th arrondissement one sunny spring break between semesters at Sarah Lawrence. She didn’t know he was gay, either. Or that the latter should really be a problem when they wore the same sized shoe. Needless to say, she didn’t return for her senior year, but she vows she will! (Hear that, Mr. and Mrs. Golem! Rachel will make you proud and use that degree in Socio-Musical Healing Studies if its the last thing she does.)

Now, single again like only a 20-something* can be who was tied down too soon to and cut loose too fast, Rachel is intent on tasting all that life has to offer. She plans on making money again soon. Maybe this website will help? Ah who, am I kidding. Its me. Rachel. And I am ready to use my incredible experiences to become a Woman Boss.


*”something” being translated roughly from 11. Did we mention this is a no-math zone?