Baking Neophyte

So, I am really a fan of watching those baking shows all over tv. I have been dreaming of being so professional in baking that I can even start up my own Pastry Shop. I have always been lazy in doing house chores and even frying my own food for lunch, but when it comes to tasks(For me) Like, Baking? Argh, this is different. Aside from my love for sweets and everything bread, I see myself getting extra creative in designing my own layers of cake or yes, even cupcakes!

My next plan is to ask my hubby if he can be extra sweet to look for an oven. Luckily, he did love me that much to support my ineterests. I was very excited then when he called that he has a surprise for me, I hurried opening our house gate and check his car right away. When I saw there’s a big box right there, I gave him a kiss and there, took the oven right away.

The next day as I researched the things I needed for baking, I came up with these basic baking equipments:

  1. Oven – there are lots of type of ovens. Mine is conventional oven.
  2. Baking Pans/trays – usually there are already included with the oven but if not, you can look for trays and baking tins in shops.
  3. Food Mixer – Whether hand mixer or stand mixer, it basically functions the same.
  4. Mixing Bowls – You need this for all your ingredients.
  5. Pastry Brush – this is used to spread the butter on to the tray for the cake to not stick. Also you can use this brush to add flavors to what you are baking while cooking.
  6. Rolling Pin – Needed is you want to create dough. Those dough are for pizzas, pies, bread and a whole lot more!
  7. Measuring Cups/Spoons – Yes!! THIS IS ESSENTIAL. You don’t want  to be just estimating measurements and ending up seeing your finish product very unpleasant.
  8. Spatula – I personally bought this one because, I have seen those baking shows with this, it made me feel like a pro. Haha
  9. Whisk – another pro-feeler. Haha, this is very useful for all those pastry you wanted to try.
  10. Greaseproof Paper – Those covers and papers will make the food moist and you can use them in straining off extra fat from your food.
  11. Toothpick!! – This will tell you if the product is cooked or not. REALLY USEFUL WHEN BAKING.

There! You have all the basic equipments needed. As for me, when I got all these, I had confidence that I could do baking now. My advise for those who just started baking is to look for those instant cake mix and just simply follow the instructions given outside the box and surely, you can have your first masterpiece, extra extra wonderful. I practiced baking for one week, yes, I baked everyday for one whole week, to learn and see the basics for myself. I guess I am now 3/5 in baking. What I am preparing now is baking a cake for my moms birthday this coming week. So, wish me luck! <3

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