Drrty Rice

"i am not a vision board"

“i am not a vision board”

My neighbor Sandra with hook ups for beauty, food, and stellar lawn care came by over the holidays with a huge  pyrex full of the most delicious rice. It was so simple, but I had to restrain myself from immediately replacing my second helping with a heaping third. Like, physically. I made the crew of my ship tie me to the mast so I wouldn’t hear the siren song of “arroz con pollo” singing sweetly and saltily in my ear while I tried to work on my 2016 vision board (see above).

Well, I asked her for the recipe, but it probably sounded more like “fsdhfdskjaglhalskgd” because my mouth was full.

Here it is:


Chicken legs (skin on, bone in)


White Rice


Salt and Pepper

Peas and Carrots

Stock (chicken or vegetable)

Boil the chicken in beer and stock. Add the rice, the peas, the carrots and the cilantro. Let cook.

Add salt and pepper to taste.

Garnish with fresh cilantro.

Ta da!

Simple, Yummy goodness.

She said she just got back from visiting family in Texas where she made TEN TIMES the amount for her family. They just moved into a big new house there, and its GORGEOUS. I saw pictures. An old-fashioned mansion, but lots of unique details. Nooks and crannies. I’m invited to visit. They even have one of those “former gardens” you hear about in old english literature. Bushes shaped like animals and shit. I totally hit her up for the landscaper digits. Might as well see if they have peeps in my neck of the woods, because I could get dow with an uber impressive entry way. Might keep out creepy guys, because they know better than to mess with a princess with unicorn shaped foliage. We’ll see.