Nothing says shabbat shalom like an extra large challah that’s sure to have leftovers.

I’ve been getting really into having shabbat dinners, and my friends are digging it. Remember how I talked about Sandra and the landscaper guy she visited? Well, he came with her to shabbat dinner on friday. It was super special. I somehow tricked this very good looking person into thinking I’m a catch, and so they came to the dinner too. I really am a catch though, at least for half a month (more on that after).

Well, I make a turkey chili as the entree. It was loved all around. I did up all the little sides, to: chredded sheddar (get it), chopped up peppers, chopped up onion, cilantro, and even crispy tortilla strips. I baked broccoli in the oven (if you’ve never done this, you have to. That slightly charred floret is a completely different delicious animal than the old steamed cousin.

The main even wasn’t the chili- it was the singing.

Last week, I tracked down the cantor who sang at my temple when I was growing up. Some of those old time songs were floating back to me. Even now, I feel as if I can smell the pews and the classrooms in the building. It felt so huge at the time. So many different rooms, different floors, different vibes depending on if it was Sunday school, a friday night service, a bar mitzvah, or your parents taking you along when they have to have “an important, private chat” with the white haired rabbi.

I learned the songs and I played them on the guitar for my guest. They were moved, and, believe it or not, they were moved to hug me, not to grab my voice box out with bare hands and feed it to squirrels.

The landscaping guy, Trent, hit it off with Dylan, my date. It was fun to watch. The whole thing felt good, and right. the lawn guy got a little tipsy and then went out and pruned the tree in my front yard. Weird, but definitely well-meaning. I’m happy for the tree.

Dylan stayed over. I made us bullzeyes this morning. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, you are in for a great treat akin to rebirth:

  • cut a thick slice of challah
  • rip out a little bit in the middle so that there is a hole
  • brush either side of the bread with butter or olive oil
  • let the break brown
  • turn it over. after a couple of minutes, crack egg into the whole!
  • Let it cook just a bit, so its still runny.
  • Season to taste; serve with fresh fruit and perhaps a touch of ketchup (homemake is best: tomato paste, paprika, a bit of cayenne, and a few drops of apple cider vinegar with some honey or maple syrup to taste- yum)

Ta da! So he’s definitely in love with me.

Life is good.

Oh, and back to the thing I brought up earlier: I’m researching what med I can take for my period cramps, because I’ve decided not to put myself through that pain again, if I can help it. Its just makes me a a bad partner.